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Numi Nspire Tea NUM73007 $33.26 Nspire Capetown Chai Tea comes in hand sewn cotton sachets for an elegant tea drinking solution. The non GMO material allows water to easily flow and tea leaves to expand. This natural plant material is not petroleum based plastic for a natural and sustainable solution. Rich rooibos imparts a smooth vanilla flavor with ample body. It is intricately woven with clove, ginger, nutmeg and cardamom. Grown at the base of the Cedarburg Mountains, rooibos is harvested by a small group of farmers. This Fair Trade tea is 100 percent non GMO and 100 percent organic. It contains no flavorings. Instead, this tea is made of 100 percent authentic ingredients for a delicious, sophisticated tea that is the result of numerous rounds of blending and refining with a unique, creative palate. Each sachet contains fine organic whole leaf teas and herbs, hand curated with select real ingredients from around the world.

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Himalayan Darjeeling Smooth and complex black tea has layers of flavor with a hint of floral sweetness Diedrich Coffee Rio Blend Gmt6746. Shop Numi Organic Tea Nspire Nspire by Numi is a line of culinary inspired whole leaf loose teas and hand sewn cotton sachets with a celebration of artistry.

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Shop Numi Organic Tea Nspire Tea Sachets. It is robust yet delicate.

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Nspires exclusive cotton sachets are handsewn elegant and luxurious. Tea Sachets Hefty Everyday Soak Proof Plates Rfpd28850.

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